Our experienced team is qualified to assist with all your accounting requirements, and you can be assured our strategies and services will benefit you. We are constantly looking at new ways to help our clients better understand their financials and to apply this knowledge to their business.

Specialist tax advice

We understand there is more to your taxation requirements than just the annual return. Our team of tax specialists can assist you by anticipating potential problems and recommending strategies. We also have alliances with reputable legal firms with specialist tax expertise and experience.

Business structuring

Having the right business structure is critical and this is an area we specialise in.

Maybe you’re starting a new business, or planning to diversify or grow your existing business? Perhaps you’re changing or expanding ownership, or you’re intending to scale back operations?

Whatever the case, we can help you decide and implement the most appropriate ownership and operating structure to address the legal, regulatory and tax issues relevant to your business now and in the future, we will ensure you take advantage of all government incentives and tax concessions, and we will assist you to prepare for management and ownership succession.

Business Plans

We can help you prepare and review your business plan, whether it’s for your own purposes or for a lender to support a finance application or for potential investors/owners.

While everyone agrees that business plans are essential, we know many businesses don’t have one, often because they regard them as quite daunting or time-consuming or both.

So we offer our encouragement, advice and support to create a ‘One-page Business Plan’. Rather than prepare and wade through dozens of pages of detail, a one-page business plan lets you focus clearly, concisely and quickly on distilling and reviewing the critical elements of your business (eg, goals, strategies, priorities).

Business Monitor

We have learned that many clients don’t like numbers, so we use our Business Monitor to help.

  • After your monthly or quarterly BAS has been prepared, we enter the numbers into our Monitor and meet with you to review your Key Performance Indicators against predetermined goals.
  • The Monitor is designed to give you a clear picture of the past performance of your business (current period and year to date) and projected performance.
  • The benefit to you is the ability to quickly identify and understand any trends emerging in the business so you can take relevant and timely action.
Pre-June review

We encourage clients to avoid possible negative experiences that we call “year-end surprises” by having a pre-June Review. This is held during the months of April to June when we review your financials with you to detect any potential issues needing urgent attention and to ensure you have appropriate strategies in place to achieve your objectives, for example, investing anticipated profit in superannuation or another structure through our financial planners. We believe the pre-June review is extremely beneficial, if not invaluable, to our clients.


Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) can provide greater flexibility, choice and control, but they can also be time-consuming and confusing, for example, with property purchases or transfers of property into your SMSF. We can help you navigate the ins and outs of SMSFs while also managing your fund for you.

We can also help you to ensure you meet your Superannuation Guarantee obligations.

Tax compliance

It can get a little hectic around tax time, but we can help with tax preparation and advice. Our comprehensive tax compliance strategies and services are designed to meet your compliance requirements and legally minimise your tax, so you can focus on your business.

FBT can also be a little confusing, but we can help here too by providing timely advice and effective strategies to ensure you meet those compliance requirements as well.